Tuesday, March 24, 2015

By the numbers

I was cleaning up some old files and I started looking at the contracts for the last five issues of Science Fiction Trails, which I used to edit.  These are stats for accepted stories rounded to nearest 5 percent:
Colorado 40%
Texas 15 %
Foreign countries 15%
California 5%
Washington 5%
Utah 5%
all others 15%

Percent of writers who had previously published in SFT or one of my anthologies 90%

Most popular states for buyers [direct sales from publisher]
CT  25%
FL   20%
CO   20%
TX   15%
WA  5%
IL     5%
all others 10%

What's it all mean?
Don't know, but sales and author origins do not have anything to do with where the population is.

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Story Collection

My new story collection, Airship Stories, should be out April 1st.  No fooling!
This is an ebook only project at this time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I've been battling a relentless cold the last 4 days.  I have hardly been ill at all in ages, so I'd almost forgotten what nasty horrible symptoms colds can do--almost.  When I was little, I used to get colds constantly.  Only, what my mother thought were colds were actually allergies.  As I got older, I learned the difference.  What I've been dealing with ain't no allergy.  It's a cold and a really nasty one at that. Ah choo!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In my role as publisher of Story Emporium: Purveyors of Steampunk & Weird Western Adventure, I get to buy the art for the  covers.  Well, we just got the cover art in  for our debut issue and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Editor J. A. Campbell advises she's getting some really good stories.  So,  things are starting to shape up for our first issue.  Of course, it's just a first issue under our new expanded format--we've put out Steampunk Trails and Science Fiction Trails for some time, so we're not exactly rookies at this.  Haven't decided on a cover art reveal date, but it's probably not far off.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Holiday blues or greens in this case

Happy St. Patrick's Day To You!

Don't really have much to say on St. Patrick's Day.  It's a holiday I used to like, but I now see no purpose in it. Like most holidays, it just serves commercial interests selling greeting cards and beer--especially the latter.  Most people think St. Patrick was a Leprechaun   He wasn't.  But that's what they see on all the ads and cards.  By the way, beer is not supposed to be green.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pissing folks off

If you are inclined to piss off people, here are a few sure fired ways to do it.  First, if you drive by a hitchhiker with his thumb up stick your thumb out the window and turn it down. This really infuriates them.  Some of these people get so mad they're jumping up and down.  Some years ago my roommate and I were driving along the interstate and I stuck my thumb out and turned it down as we went by a hitchhiker. He was jumping up and down and cursing.  And, about ten minutes later, a van pulled up alongside us.  It had that hitchhiker in the passenger seat.  He started shaking his fist at us and cursing.  I stuck my hand out the window and gave him the finger. Then we sped off.  Well, out of curiosity, yesterday morning I was curious if that still worked.  I gave a thumbs down to a hitchhiker.  Yep. It still works.

Now, if that's not your cup of tea, you can call some guy an asshole.  In some states like California that will barely garner a response.  But if you up to Wyoming and try that, they'll want to fight you over it. Ergo, have an escape route planned.

Don't like that one, either.  Well, if someone's driving a pickup truck, toss some fast food garbage in the bed while you're both stopped at a red light.  That really seems to piss off these guys.  Lots of people dump garbage in truck beds when they're parked, but few have the guts to do it when the driver is in the truck.  I've found there's often a few seconds of disbelief that somebody would be so outrageous, which gives you a chance to start your getaway.  

If you don't like any of these, then you're probably not somebody who should go around pissing people off.    

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking Dead Game

Any regular reader here knows I just love The Walking Dead TV series.  Apparently, I'm not the only one as Colorado Lottery has a Walking Dead scratch game.  Well, I finally bought a ticket yesterday.  They're $5 and I won $20, so I made $15.  I never win anything.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I hardly ever play the lottery, but this was too good a gimmick for me to pass over.  Will I play again? Probably not--I really never win anything and don't usually play these scratch games or buy lottery tickets.