Friday, August 28, 2015

Advice on underwear

One of the more baffling pieces of parental advice I got as a child was, "Always wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident."  Truth is, if you're in an accident, it's not all that likely your underwear will remain all that clean.  I was thinking about that yesterday as I was wearing underwear that wasn't from the clean laundry drawer.  It wasn't disgusting or anything, just pre-worn.  So, had I gotten into an accident, I'm sure the doctors and nurses would have been standing around the hallway at the hospital saying stuff like, "His underwear wasn't clean when he came in here."  Yep, I'm sure that would have been first thing on their minds. 

"He knew his underwear wasn't clean and wore it anyway. Film at eleven here on 9 News."  At least I had underwear on.  And today I'm wearing clean underwear, as I finally got around to doing laundry. 

Know something else?  The socks I'm wearing have holes in them.  I'm a real disgrace. Socks cost too much and I'm getting all the wear out of them I possibly can. When the holes get bigger, then perhaps I'll buy more socks. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dog Day

Today is supposed to be National Dog Day.  Just a reminder that my novella The Pirate Dogs is available to help celebrate.  This is a novella about a pirate ship crewed by dogs in an alternate world. They have a variety of short adventures thwarting the British navy.

Bizarro Burgers

Well, there was some news about Burger King wanting to combine the Big Mac with the Whopper for a special event.  I don't know exactly what they had in mind.  I went to Micky Dees and then to Bk and got one of each and combined them.  All I can say is it's one mighty strange sandwich. No picture of it here.  I can say I don't think there would be a long line to get one.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I don't have snow tires.  I just have regular all season tires.  I've never had snow tires.  Most everyone I know has snow tires.  I live in a ski resort and we get lots of snow.  So, the question that arises is am I an idiot or visionary pioneer.  It can be quite expensive if you change your tires twice a year. Then there's the matter of storing the winter tires in the summer. I get the feeling some people leave their snow tires on year round--and that's not smart as they aren't made for the hot roads of summer.Damned if you do and damned if you don't.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

blog posting on Aaron

I recently posted here about Aaron B. Larson, who died recently.  R. T. Lawton was another one of Aaron's friends and a fellow writer.I have a link below to his posting about Aaron.  I think it's well worth reading, even if you didn't know him.


One of the more vexing things I've encountered as an editor is dealing with writers.  You would think, after a writer submitted a story to an anthology and was sent a contract which had the same terms that were described in the writers guidelines, that individual would sign and return the contract so that person would be included in the book. Not so, unfortunately.  Without exception, every anthology I've edited has had at least one holdout who would not sign the contract and was ultimately dropped from the project.  Meanwhile so many writers are looking for that opportunity to get published.

Why?  I have no idea.  We're not talking about someone who replied and said "I don't like paragraph three in the contract." Oh no.  We're talking about somebody who sent in a story, was sent a contract, then went as silent as a submarine in a war zone.  No, we just waste everyone's time and at the end of the day go silent, No contract is ever returned and no reason why is ever given. I once had to cancel a charity contract because half the writers would not sign the contract or respond to the offer.

I don't think these so-called writer support groups and the people who crank out writing books have a clue this goes on quite often.  Well, it does.  And I'm working on a book right now where this has happened yet again.  I doubt that I will ever understand it. My contracts are very simple agreements. There is nothing duplicitous or complicated about them. Hell, the book I'm working on right now has a lawyer who is one of the contributors and he has no problem with my contracts.  No, it's something else--something very strange in the makeup of people who call themselves writers. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Sun Also Rises On Desolate Worlds

Well, I had a conversation with someone over the bad things that happen in life--particularly the death of someone we both knew. Then she said some nonsense about "The sun will still rise tomorrow."

I replied "The sun also rises over desolate worlds. It rises over Mars just as it does over Earth."  Well, that comment didn't go over so well.  But it's true. People go around spewing out nonsensical statements and and then they get mad if someone points out the inconsistencies or the nonsense behind them.  I guess that's why people don't like me.  But I'm right.  When we completely destroy civilization on this planet the one certainty is the sun will continue to rise every morning--even if no one is around to see the sunrise.